About Studiocart

Studiocart is the only WordPress plugin you need to create seamless sales funnels for your products. 


The Why.

Studiocart was created with one goal in mind: giving power to digital entrepreneurs by embracing simplicity. 

Studiocart doesn’t sacrifice beauty for ease of use — rather it blends the two together. Too often you need another platform, or countless WordPress plugins and extensions to build an optimized checkout experience that fully matches your brand. Studiocart changes that.

The How.

By embracing simplicity and putting everything together in one place. Studiocart provides everything you need to create a professional sales flow on WordPress — there’s no need to download another plugin for your coupon field or post-purchase option. All that plus more is in Studiocart. By streamlining the process of building a sales funnel in WordPress, Studiocart has eliminated the risk of numerous plugins conflicting and not working. 

And with easy-to-use customizable templates, Studiocart allows you to maintain your individuality and brand. 


The Mission.

To empower business owners who sell online. 

Studiocart was created on the belief that building a sophisticated sales funnel doesn’t have to be complicated. This allows professionals of any experience level to take control of their business. 

Now, Studiocart hands you that power.

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The Story.

Nicole Evans created Studiocart out of a desire to quickly build flexible, on-brand funnels on WordPress. After years of waiting for the right solution to come along, she decided to try filling the gap by building one herself. And so Studiocart was born.

Her vision of a simple, powerful funnel builder finally arrived in 2020, first as a free plugin in the WordPress plugin directory, followed by a Pro version released later that year.

Today, Studiocart is running on thousands of websites. And what started as a solo endeavor has grown into a small team of developers and support members. Together, we work to continue supporting our growing community of users located all around the world, and making Studiocart the top all-in-one solution for building beautiful, powerful funnels on WordPress.