Introducing Studiocart 2.2: New features, bug fixes and more!

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In our latest version of Studiocart 2.2, we’ve added new features, made improvements, bug fixes, and added additional integrations.

A quick look at the new additions:

  • Coupon duration limits for Stripe subscriptions
  • Custom checkout fields
  • Quantity fields
  • Username and password creation + autologin
  • White Label settings
  • GDPR Support


  • WooCommerce order importing
  • Drip
  • MemberPress and
  • Ultimate Member for sending customized welcome emails

Add Coupon Duration Limits to Stripe Subscriptions 

With Stripe subscriptions, you now have the option to limit the number of months a discount will apply for, giving you increased flexibility and control with your recurring billing arrangements. Create coupons that discount all of the recurring payments in a subscription like you could previously, or use the new coupon duration setting to automatically expire the coupon after a certain number of months.

New Custom Checkout Fields

Next up we’ve added Custom Checkout Fields. This new feature allows you to modify the checkout form with Custom Text Fields, Hidden Fields, and a Drop Down menu. The Custom Checkout Fields feature is located within the Form Fields tab in the Product Settings menu.

Quantity Fields

The new Custom Fields also brings Quantity Fields to your checkout form. This feature allows your customers to easily add additional products or enhancements to their purchase, and helps you increase your average cart value. You can select the “Quantity” field type when adding Custom Fields to your checkout form. 

Login Fields – Username and Password Creation + Autologin

We have one last feature wrapped up in our Custom Fields update – Login Fields for adding a Username and Password field to your checkout form. This will allow your customers to choose their own login credentials during the checkout process. 

Plus, you have the option to automatically sign customers into your website immediately after they submit payment.

Custom Branding with White Label Settings 

You now have the option to customize the Studiocart branding and make it your own. White Label settings are particularly useful for Agencies or Freelancers serving clients under their brand name. Or simply for those who want to personalize the plug-in. ​​​​​​​​​​​Access the White Label settings via the Studiocart settings in your WordPress Dashboard. For more information take a look at this how-to doc. White-Labeling

WooCommerce Order Importing 

The new WooCommerce integration automatically imports order information from the Studiocart checkout form. Now you can manage your inventory in WooCommerce while using the Studiocart checkout flow. With multiple trigger options and order status types, you can control how and when WooCommerce receives the order information. A how-to guide is available in the Studiocart documentation. To read the document now, click this link WooCommerce Guide.

New Drip Integration

If you haven’t used Drip before, it’s a marketing automation platform built especially for eCommerce. It’s a great tool to use with lead generation and sales funnels. You can connect your Drip account in the Studiocart integration settings.

Manage Memberships and Lockdown Access with MemberPress

Version 2.2 also brings a full MemberPress integration to Studiocart. You and your customers will be able to use MemberPress to pause, restart and cancel subscriptions created by Studiocart, in addition to using the integration to give access to protected areas of your website. We will provide more information on how to set this up in the coming weeks.

Send Customized Welcome Emails with Ultimate Member.

We’ve also added Ultimate Member to our list of Email Marketing integrations. Just enable Ultimate Member in the Studiocart settings and customers will receive your customized Ultimate Member welcome emails instead of the default WordPress notifications whenever Studiocart adds a new user to your site. Stay tuned for a guide on how to add this integration to your Studiocart checkout flow.

Support for WP’s GDPR tools 

If you reside in the EU or sell to EU citizens, this applies to you! To help you comply with the EU regulations, we have added support for WordPress’ GDPR tools that help you write your privacy policy page, and export or erase personal data collected by Studiocart. For more information on how to use these tools visit the following WordPress guides WordPress Privacy Policy Guide, WordPress Erase Personal Data Guide

Not a member of Studiocart?

Studiocart is a simple, powerful, all-in-one eCommerce toolkit for selling digital products directly on your WordPress site. Among other things, it gives you the power to add advanced funnel building features to your WordPress site. No tech skills required!

Head on over to the Studiocart pricing page to see which plan is best for you Studiocart Pricing Page

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