Introducing Studiocart 2.3: New features, bug fixes and more!

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In our latest version of Studiocart 2.3, we’ve added some major new features, made improvements, bug fixes, and added additional payment gateways.

A quick look at the new additions:

  • Tax and VAT calculation 
  • Send email receipts and passwords 
  • Multiple order bumps
  • Customer account page with PDF invoices
  • Apply coupons to all items in the cart
  • Lead gen funnel form
  • Name your price payment plan
  • Date and time custom fields
  • Reorder and customize default form fields
  • Form headings and labels customization

Tax and VAT Calculation

Studiocart now has full Tax and VAT support. With Tax and VAT calculations, you can show the price of products inclusive or exclusive of the rate conditional to your customer’s address. Head to the Taxes tab in the Studiocart Settings and check out these documents for a guide on how to use this feature. How To Add Tax Rates  How To Add VAT Rates

Send Email Receipts and Passwords

Taxes aren’t the only new tab in the Studiocart settings. Once you update to the latest version you’ll also get a new Email tab. We’ve added 5 different types of emails to help you reduce your admin workload. With this feature, you can automatically share order and login information with your customers after a purchase or subscription payment.

Multiple Order Bumps

You can now offer even more products at checkout to further help increase your average sale. We’ve added the option to offer an unlimited number of order bumps with every main product. For more details, take a look at the updated adding and managing products doc. Adding and Managing Products

Customer Account Page with PDF Invoices

Version 2.3 also comes with a Customer Account feature that allows your customers to view their orders, download an auto-generated PDF invoice, and manage their payments or subscriptions. See this document for information on how to set up a customer account page for your site. How To Create A Customer Account Page

Apply A Coupon To All

Next up, we’ve added additional discount types for Coupons. You can now choose to set a coupon to apply to all items in the cart at checkout. It only applies to the items purchased at that time, subscription rebilling is not affected. 

Plus! You have the option to prevent a customer from using a coupon more than once by turning on the new One Redemption Per Customer button. Check out the updated coupon management doc for more information on these new features. Coupon Management

Lead Gen Funnel Form

We’ve introduced an opt-in form option. This feature turns the Studiocart order form into a Lead gen form so you can create your entire lead generation funnel directly in Studiocart. You’ll find the new Form Skin dropdown field in the General Settings which allows you to change the default order form into an opt-in form.

Name Your Price Payment Plan

The Name Your Price payment plan allows customers to pay what they want to make a purchase or donation. We’ve included the option to show a suggested price to help you guide your customers in their decision. This feature has been added with the other payment plan options in the product settings.

Date and Time Custom Fields 

Version 2.3 has 2 new types of custom fields. A Date field and a Date Time field. These fields are for all our users who want their customers to be able to book a date and/or time when they make a purchase. Take a look at the updated custom fields doc for information on how to add these fields. Custom Fields

Reorder and Customize Default Form Fields

We’ve added a number of new customization options to the Form Fields tab. You now have the option to customize each of the form fields labels, rearrange the order, change the size of each field box and make them required. You can find information on the new settings in the adding and managing products document mentioned above.  

Form Headings and Label Customization 

Another additional field you’ll notice in the product settings is a Section Heading and Hide Fields button. In both the Payment Plans tab and Form Fields tab you can change the heading that will show on the checkout form or choose to hide these sections altogether. Particularly useful if you are creating an opt-in form instead of the standard checkout form.

Are you using the free version?

Most of these new features are only available with the premium version. You can upgrade your account and get access to them and many other game-changing features that will help you take your funnel to the next level. Head on over to the Studiocart pricing page to see which premium plan is best for you. 
Studiocart Pricing Page

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