How This High-Level Marketing Strategist Used Studiocart to Transform Her Sales System and Client Experience

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Meet Alexis Perry, the creative force behind Mountain Cane Media, an agency that specializes in implementing high level systems and strategies for CEO’s to align their mission with their messaging. With a focus on impact-driven businesses, their clients range from those advocating for sustainability and environmental change to promoting racial equality and social impact.

Initially, Alexis utilized Studiocart as a simple checkout, a way to process transactions on her website for masterclasses and digital products. However, it didn’t take long for her to realize the full extent of Studiocart’s capabilities.

Once I realized the full capabilities of Studiocart, I have started to move my entire agency to this platform. Not only have I built a funnel to support the promotion of my content marketing course, but checkout for a la carte services or retainer projects now direct into a client portal I’ve built with Learndash, all because of Studiocart’s seamless integrations.

Elevating Business Operations with Studiocart

Her agency, Mountain Cane Media, transitioned toward utilizing Studiocart as the backbone of its operations. It wasn’t just about processing transactions anymore; Studiocart became the cornerstone of a comprehensive ecosystem supporting her agency’s growth.

She started by improving her current checkout system and built a funnel to promote her content marketing course. The integration possibilities that Studiocart offers allowed Alexis to customize her payment plans, sale schedules, and craft compelling upsell and downsell pathways. But that was just the beginning. 

I enjoy the flexibility and customization for payment plans, sale schedules, the ability to offer many upsell and downsell paths, and integrations with automation, affiliate, and email marketing software – and I am just getting started!

Alexis streamlined her à la carte services and retainer projects by creating a checkout system that seamlessly directs clients into a portal she built in Learndash. This not only has enhanced the client experience but has also optimized workflows to support Alexis’s commitment to delivering exceptional value at every touchpoint. 

Personalized Support for Unparalleled Success

As someone who prides herself on meticulous planning and a focus on user experience, Alexis wanted a very specific and tailored setup. So, when she hit a roadblock while trying to figure things out, she reached out to Studiocart’s support team.

Personally, I am a slow starter who enjoys testing and planning for an incredible user experience and in doing so, I have had some trouble with some of my integrations and workflows. After searching for answers in their active Facebook group, I couldn’t find a solution to my use case so I reached out for support. The Studiocart team’s support is prompt, professional, and has taken the time to access my website and correct my mistakes. Because of their attention to detail, I feel confident that the course and client portal I have built will deliver as my clients invest in my business.

The Results

Thanks to her strategic funnel setup for her product The Content Creator’s Studio, Alexis has been able to reshape the way her business thrives. She has paved the way for upselling opportunities, revenue growth, and a stronger connection with her clients. 

By combining Studiocart’s capabilities with her other platforms like Learndash, Alexis has not only significantly improved her workflows but has also created enhanced user experiences, increased revenue streams, and a stronger foundation for continued success.

Alexis’s story serves as an inspiring example of how the right tools, creatively applied, can transform your business.  

As Alexis continues to make her mark, she recognizes Studiocart has been instrumental in reshaping her business. The platform’s flexibility and integrations empowered her to overcome challenges selling online and improve her businesses efficiency.

Ready to Build Your Own Automated, Revenue Boosting, Ecosystem?

Like Alexis, you too can transform your sales process to boost conversions, maximize revenue and create engaging, personalized experiences. 

Studiocart offers the freedom to process payments directly on your WordPress site, tailor every stage of your customer sales journey to your liking, maximize transactions through order bumps and upsells, and seamlessly integrate with your preferred platforms for an automated onboarding experience. The best part? No coding or excessive plugins required.

Want to see it in action? Watch this 2 minute introduction to Studiocart and discover how you can put it to work for your business.

Then head over to the pricing page to choose a plan that best suits your business. 

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