Sell Seats to a Zoom Meeting with Uncanny Automator and Studiocart

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Do you use Zoom to welcome new clients or host webinars?

With the help of Uncanny Automator you can easily setup an automation to add contacts to Zoom after purchase. 

In today’s tutorial we are going to walk through how to put it together so you can take yet another item off your daily to-do list. 
Before we jump in, you will need: 

  1. Uncanny Automator 
  2. A Paid Zoom Plan 
  3. (optional) Zoom Webinars Add-on 

Let’s get started. 

How to Integrate Zoom with Uncanny Automator

First, we need to create a JWT app in Zoom.  Sign in to your Zoom account, go to the Zoom App Marketplace and select create in the JWT content box. 

Then fill in your basic information and copy the API key ready to paste into Uncanny Automator’s settings. Don’t close the window you will be coming back to this page later for the Secret key.   

Now go to Uncanny Automator>Settings in your WordPress Dashboard and scroll to the Zoom App. Select the app and paste the API key into the field box. 

Next copy the Secret key and paste into the field box. 

Note: If you also want to connect with Zoom Webinars, select the Webinar app in Uncanny Automator and paste the same keys into the field boxes. 

How to Setup a Zoom Meeting That Works With Uncanny Automator

You can only add contacts to a meeting that requires registration. So setup your Zoom meeting as usual but make sure the Registration box is set to required. 

Note: this is only for Zoom meetings, registration is automatically required in Zoom Webinars. 

How to Setup a Recipe for Zoom and Studiocart in Uncanny Automator

Now that you have connected Zoom with Uncanny Automator you can create a recipe to automatically add contacts to meetings or webinars after they have made a purchase with Studiocart. 

First select Studiocart “purchase”  trigger. Then select the action “add the user to a meeting” and choose the meeting previously created in Zoom from the dropdown. 

And that’s it! Now you no longer have to manually add new clients or members to Zoom everytime you make a sale with Studiocart.

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