Introducing Studiocart 2.6

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We have released a new version of Studiocart 2.6! 

It includes some major new features like shipping costs, secure download links, product collections and more!

A quick look at the new additions:

  • Collections
  • Quantities 
  • Product archive shortcode
  • Secure download links 
  • Shipping costs   
  • Order complete email 
  • Subscription reminder emails 
  • Subscription cancel integration
  • Order refund integration
  • Email invoice PDFs 
  • Store report email

Note: Due to the amount of new features in this update, we recommend thoroughly testing on a staging site before running 2.6 on a live site.


2.6 introduces a completely new feature to Studiocart, Collections. If you have been looking for a way to sell multiple products together as a bundle without using an order bump or upsell, then this feature is for you! 

Collections gives you the ability to sell any combination of products as one package. 

You have the option to use a custom price for the collection or use the existing individual product’s pricing. 

The Collections settings are located in the main Studiocart menu. When you select to add a new collection you will be taken to the product settings which has all the features you already know but with one difference. The Products & Pricing tab contains additional settings for the type of pricing (custom or product) and for adding the individual products you have previously created. Once you have chosen your pricing and added your products, you can configure the rest of the settings and publish as you normally would when creating a product in Studiocart.   

Note: the product price option is currently only available for non-recurring payment plans. 


*available with a Studiocart plus plan or higher

For more information check out this doc: Product Collections


In addition to collections we’ve added the ability to let your customers choose the number of products or collections they wish to purchase at checkout. To turn on this feature, simply select the button next to “Enable Quantity Field” in the Form Fields & Settings tab. 

*available with Studiocart pro

For more information check out this doc: Quantity Fields

Product Archive Shortcode

There’s a new shortcode available for creating a product archive. Just like the product shortcode you can add this anywhere on your site with your preferred page builder.

Available attributes: 

  • button_text – default “Purchased”
  • purchased_text – default “Already Purchased”
  • posts_per_page – default 12
  • cols – can be 3 or 4, default 3


For more information check out this doc: Store page shortcode   

Secure Download Links

You can now set up secure download links for your digital products directly within Studiocart. This feature’s settings are split into two areas. First, in the general Studiocart settings you can choose to auto expire links after a certain amount of time and require your customers to login before downloading the file(s). Then at the product level, you can add your file(s).and set download limits using the form in the new Files tab. Your digital files can either be uploaded to the WordPress media library or to a secure Studiocart downloads folder that isn’t directly accessible. 

Once you have added your files to the product the download link will display in the Studiocart purchase confirmation email and the customer account page.

*included in the free version of Studiocart

For more information check out this doc: Secure download links

Shipping Costs

We’ve also added a Shipping feature that allows you to charge a flat rate for delivering physical products domestic and international. To turn on this feature go to the Shipping tab in the product settings and enter a price for a single and/or additional item. 

*available with Studiocart plus plan or higher

For more information check out this doc: Flat rate shipping costs

Order Complete Email

To further support shipping physical products there’s a new Order Complete email available in the Studiocart email settings. Simply turn on the email and it will automatically send to your customer when you update their order status to “complete”.  

*available with Studiocart plus plan or higher

For more information check out this doc: Upcoming payment reminder emails 

Subscription Reminder Emails

There are also new emails for subscriptions, a trial ending reminder and an upcoming subscription renewal reminder. You can turn these on in the Studiocart email settings and set them to automatically send up to 7 days before your customer’s trial ends or subscription payment is due.

*available with Studiocart pro

Subscription Cancel Integration

A new built-in integration has been added to allow for upsells to be used to upgrade subscriptions. In the example below, the Subscription Cancel integration will trigger when this product is purchased as an upsell on the product selected. Then, the original subscription purchased will be cancelled to allow the upsell subscription to start instead.

For more information check out this doc: Upgrade subscriptions with an upsell

Order Refund Integration

In addition to the Cancel Subscription integration, you can also set up an Order Refund integration that automatically refunds your customers initial purchase when they choose to upgrade to the upsell. So now you can easily offer a higher tier membership as an upsell without needing to manually cancel or refund the original subscription.

In the example below, the Order Refund integration will trigger when this product is purchased as an upsell on the product selected. Then, the original subscription/product purchased will be automatically refunded back to your customer.  


For more information check out this doc: Order Refund Integration

Attach Invoice PDFs to Order Emails

You can now email invoice PDFs directly to your customer after they place an order or renew a subscription. From the Invoices tab in the main settings you can choose to attach a PDF invoice to the default Studiocart order received email, purchase confirmation email and/or subscription renewal email.  


For more information check out this doc: Attaching invoice PDFs to order emails

Store Report Email

Lastly, 2.6 includes a store report email. You now have the option to send a daily, weekly or semi-monthly store report to your email of choice. To turn on this feature go to the general Studiocart settings, enter an email and select a schedule. 


For more information check out this doc: Daily, weekly, or semi-monthly store admin report emails

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