Introducing Studiocart 2.7

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Hey Course Creators!

At Studiocart, we’re obsessed with making your online sales process smoother than butter on a warm summer day. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of StudioCart 2.7, an update packed with a trio of new features designed to streamline your workflow, empower smarter decisions, and ultimately, help you skyrocket your sales!

1. Effortless Plan Switching: Upsells & Downsells Made Easy

Customer journeys are anything but linear, and their needs can evolve. Now, Studiocart empowers you to enable effortless plan switching for your courses and digital products. This means your customers can seamlessly upgrade or downgrade their chosen plan directly within their account, without needing to contact you or jump through hoops. It’s a win-win: increased customer satisfaction, and the potential to unlock strategic upsell opportunities!

Read more about Upgrade Paths here.

2. Your New Sales Command Center: At-a-Glance Insights

Knowledge is power, and with Studiocart’s brand-new dashboard widget, you have your sales data front and center! Our new dashboard widget displays key metrics like total revenue, active subscriptions, new sales, and more – all in one convenient location. No more digging through reports! With these real-time insights at your fingertips, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategies and maximize your course business potential.

3. Find What You Need, Fast: Powerful Search Filters

Managing a thriving course business involves keeping up with a growing number of subscriptions and orders. Here at Studiocart, we understand the importance of efficient organization. That’s why we’ve implemented powerful new search filters for your orders and subscriptions. Now you can quickly find specific information based on product names, plan types, payment methods, and more. 

4. Seamless Integration with AcademyLMS and MasterStudy

Providing a comprehensive course management experience means ensuring seamless integration with popular tools. That’s why Studiocart now effortlessly integrates with AcademyLMS and MasterStudy. This integration allows you to automatically add customers to a course upon purchasing a Studiocart product and remove them if their subscription is canceled. This makes it easier than ever to manage your course business and enhance your students’ learning experience.

Ready to Experience the Power of these New Features?

Head over to your WordPress dashboard and update to Studiocart 2.7 to explore these exciting updates today!

Don’t already have Studiocart? Upgrade today to get access to these and many other powerful features that will level up your funnel game. Visit the pricing page to find the Studiocart Pro plan that works best for you

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