3 Ways To Use WiserNotify

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Studiocart can now connect with WiserNotify, the social proof marketing tool. Whether you’re a coach or digital agency, or you provide an online service, the WiserNotify/Studiocart integration can help you increase your sales and conversions through proven strategies like social proof and FOMO marketing tools.

 If you’re ready to increase your sales and turn website visitors into customers, read on to learn how you can integrate WiserNotify with Studiocart.

1. Social Proof for Lead Generation for Service Providers

Social proof is a marketing tool that shows potential customers the value of your product or service. WiserNotify social proof notifications and widgets can show your website visitors in real-time the popularity of an item with a notification of how many people have signed up for your service, or it can influence visitors with a pop-up of how many current people are viewing your site. These social proof notifications show real stats for your product and website that help influence visitors to sign up for your service. 

By using WiserNotify’s social proof tool for lead generation combined with Studiocart’s streamlined sales funnels, you can convert more visitors into paying customers. Simply create a custom Studiocart checkout page with your favorite builder and add the URL to the Social Proof settings in WiserNotify. 

Get started by generating more leads with your recent conversions. Learn more about the WiserNotify Social Proof for Lead Generation tool here. 

2. Social Proof and FOMO Marketing Tools for Agencies

Triggering FOMO in site visitors through social proof marketing tools is one way for agencies to generate more revenue. As an agency, whether it’s digital marketing, ads, or web-based, providing credibility is necessary to generate more leads and, in turn, more revenue for your clients. WiserNotify helps do this by utilizing pop-up notifications and widgets that trigger FOMO in site visitors, influencing them to take action.

You can integrate WiserNotify’s FOMO marketing tool to increase your clients’ revenue effortlessly by adding a FOMO or urgency widget to your sales page, checkout page or upsell page.

Learn more about the WiserNotify Social Proof and FOMO Marketing tool here.

3. Social Proof for Online Coaches

Boost your enrollment on your online course site by utilizing the social proof marketing tool that WiserNotify offers. Social proof notifications can help influence site visitors to download eBooks by showing testimonials, increase webinar attendance by showing popularity, or use widgets to give away freebies. 

You can use WisterNotify with Studiocart to create a professional-looking sales funnel and checkout page that creates a sense of urgency for your site visitors. The use of social proof can help influence visitors to take the leap and purchase your course, webinar, or eBook, such as by showing how popular your course is with a purchase count notification on your sales or checkout page.

Learn more about the WiserNotify Social Proof for Online Coaches tool here.

If you’re ready to grow your business and increase your revenue and conversion, then read on to learn how to integrate WiserNotify with Studiocart.

How to Integrate Studiocart with WiserNotify

To get started you will need: 

  1. A Wisernotify (Pro or Free version)
  2.  Studiocart (Pro)

Navigate to WiserNotify > Studiocart integration

  1. Click connect
  2. Enter a name in the Name your connection box. It can be anything, but we recommend just calling it “Studiocart”
  3. Click on the create button

Finally, click on the copy button to copy the URL

Login to WordPress

  1. Navigate to the Studiocart plugin
  2. On the left-hand side, select Products and choose edit

Choose integration then click add new

Fill out the form on the new screen

  1. Under Service, choose “Webhook”
  2. In the Trigger box, select “Product Purchased”
  3. For Method, select “Post”
  4. Paste the WiserNotify URL you copied earlier in the Webhook URL section

Click Update

You’re all done! You’ve now integrated WiserNotify with Studiocart and can start turning website visitors into paying customers. 

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