• Add 2-step form template and lead capture
  • Javascript tracking fields for products
  • Add downsell/2nd upsell functionality
  • Membervault integration
  • Order receipt and shortcode
  • Elementor countdown module
  • Initiated status changed to "pending payment",
  • Free product processing
  • Customize coupon url variable name
  • Purchase-based coupon expiration
  • Page conversion tracking
  • Add order bump as integration trigger
  • Add all Stripe supported currencies
  • New integrations: Kajabi, SendFox, MailPoet, Wishlist Member, Tutor LMS

Bug Fix

  • 2 step form scripts
  • checkout shortcode hide labels arg
  • restrict save_order action to edit post page
  • order form validation
  • option settings checkbox default value
  • stripe statement descriptor max length