• Recurring payments for PayPal
  • Add sign up fees and free trials for recurring payment plans
  • Address fields for order forms
  • Product 'Form Fields' tab for toggling order form fields
  • Product 'Payment Methods' tab for toggling product payment processors
  • Added new filters, studiocart_order_details_link and studiocart_subscription_details_link
  • Freemius SDK update to version 2.4.2


  • UI changes for managing payment processors and integration settings
  • Global on/off toggles for all payment methods (Cash on Delivery, Stripe and PayPal)
  • Validation for required product fields
  • Can now issue partial refunds for both PayPal and Stripe
  • Divi order form now has a coupon field and more styling options for form fields

Bug Fix

  • Discount on a recurring payment also applied to order bump
  • Remove et_builder_i18n function in Divi order form
  • Internal product title still showing up when a public title has been entered
  • Unable to clear out date picker fields
  • 'Recurring discount amount' coupon field not hidden when the discount type is percentage
  • Inconsistent formatting for prices on order confirmation page
  • Coupon calculation errors in some cases when Recurring Discount Amount field filled in
  • Warning errors on some sites after a 2nd attempt at submitting the order form