• filter sc_stripe_api_version
  • filter sc_webhook_url_type
  • filter sc_email_template_customer_info
  • Heartbeat chat integration
  • Add change address fields to account and edit user profile pages


  • Show manage subscription button for more subscription statuses
  • Pay latest unpaid invoice when customer updates their card
  • Hash Google Captcha secret key field
  • Edit subscriber information in admin dashboard

Bug Fix

  • Completed orders not counted when a product has a customer purchase limit
  • Separate sign up fee on invoice, confirmation
  • Coupon discount amount in email is always 0
  • Edit order address fields not working
  • Create User integration doesn't link the original subscription to the new user account
  • Make Phone and Address Line 2 fields optional by default
  • Order status not updating when Stripe subscription is recovered
  • Name missing when adding customers to ConvertKit with no form selected