Take your online business to the next level with Studiocart

Build the entirety of your sales flow with one easy to use WordPress plugin. No more clunky and expensive plugins — now you can maximize efficiency and save money with Studiocart. Whatever you’re selling, Studiocart can take your business to the next level.

Now's the time to optimize and automate the sales flow of your virtual business

Creating a stylish, professional sales flow normally requires hours of coding and expensive extension upon expensive upon expensive extension. Studiocart smashes that expectation by handing you the tools to create an entire sales flow with one WordPress plugin. 

Your problem, our solution

Before Studiocart, to create a seamless, functioning sales flow for your business on WordPress required numerous plugins, extensions, and hours of work. Everytime you add a new extension to the mix, you run the risk of losing functionality. It’s costly, time conusming, and, fankly, a massive headache.

The leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress, WooCommerce, requires multiple extensions and nearly $800 a year to do what Studiocart does by itself, for less. 

What’s the solution to building a professional and functional sales funnel with one WordPress plugin? Studiocart. With unlimited funnels, unlimited checkout pages, and numerous other customization options, Studiocart is all you need to optimize, automate, and beautify your entire sales flow. 

How Studiocart compares to other funnel builders

Studiocart packs many of the same features as premium, 3rd party funnel builders into a single WordPress plugin, giving you the full power of a funnel builder on the WordPress platform.

Software Feature
Personal License
$ 149
Annual Plan
$ 690
Lifetime Access
$ 1164
Annual Plan
Unlimited Funnels
platinum plan only
Unlimited Checkout Pages
platinum plan only
Host Checkout Form On Your Own Site
clickfunnels website only
1 Click Upsells + Downsells (per product)
2 Upsells (more coming soon)
1 Click Order Bumps (per product)
maximum 1
2 Step Checkout
Coupon System
Product Discounts
Cart Abdandoment
Subscription Payments
Multiple Pricing Options
Unlimited Custom Form Fields
maximum 4 per form
Free Trials for Payment Plans
Custom Thank You Pages
internal customizer only
Designer Quality Templates
Elementor, Divi + Gutenberg
internal use only
internal use only

Don't just take our word for it - hear from actual Studiocart customers

WooCommerce + Cartflows

WooCommerce is the leading eCommerce plugin for WordPress. But extending it to build funnels requires Cartflows and several other plugins and premium extensions costing altogether nearly $800/year.

Built-in Features
Personal License
$ 149/yr
WooCommerce Extensions + Cartflows
$ 775/yr
Unlimited Funnels
Cartflows ($239/yr)
1 Click Upsells + Downsells
1 Click Order Bumps
2 Step Checkout
Recurring + Subscription Payments
WooCommerce Subscriptions ($199/yr)
Coupon System
URL Coupon
WooCommerce Smart Coupons ($99/yr)
Product Discounts
Cart Abandonment
Cartflows Cart Abandoment Recovery (free)
Checkout Form Shortcodes
Custom Form Fields
Custom Checkout Page
Custom Thank You Page
Multiple payment plans
WooCommerce Deposits ($179)
Zapier Integration
Woo extension ($59/yr)
Native Integrations
20 (more coming soon)

What customers are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

Studiocart fully supports Stripe, Paypal and Mollie for all payment plan types. Support for additional payment methods is coming soon.

Yes, you can integrate Studiocart with WooCommerce to send information for order fulfillment and inventory management. 

No, Studiocart has its own built-in checkout system and can’t be connected to another shopping cart/eCommerce plugin for the purpose of processing payments.

Yes! Studiocart now allows you to add address fields so that you can collect shipping information at checkout.

Probably not. If you’re looking for a traditional eCommerce setup that allows customers to add multiple products in different quantities to a shopping cart so they can check everything out all at once, this ain’t it 😉

Studiocart can be used with any page builder or no page builder at all. We have templates for Elementor and Divi, and order form modules/blocks for Elementor, Divi, and Gutenberg. That being said, Studiocart will work with any page builder or editor as long as it’s capable of rendering shortcodes which you can use to embed order forms and receipts into any page layout.

See our list of integrations here https://www.studiocart.co/integrations/ 
We also have a number of help docs that show you how to set up the integration. You can find them here https://www.studiocart.co/docs/integrations/

If you want to integrate with a WordPress plugin, it will show up automatically in the Service dropdown located on the Integrations tab in the Product settings if it’s activated.

For external websites that require an API key, they will show up in the Service dropdown once you’ve saved its API key and other required settings on the Studiocart Settings page.

Please leave a comment on the Feature Requests card on our public roadmap and upvote existing requests!