How to Grow Your List and Sell Online Courses With Studiocart
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In this course, you’ll learn how to build an automated sales system for your online courses and digital products entirely on WordPress. Once you see how it’s done, you’ll never need to stress the tech ever again when it comes to selling your products on your own website. 

The system we’ll be building is called a tripwire funnel. Now if you’re wondering what exactly a tripwire funnel is, it’s a simple marketing strategy that converts leads (anyone who signs up for your free lead magnet) into new customers as quickly as possible with a small, no-brainer offer (your “tripwire”). 

Now if you have a flagship course or other high ticket offer, you might be thinking why should I sell a cheaper item instead of a more expensive one that can generate more money in less time? Well here’s what you can accomplish when you start with a tripwire offer first.

  1. You build a list of buyers – Previous customers are more likely to buy from you again than someone who’s never bought anything from you before
  2. You build loyalty. When you over-deliver at a no-pain price point, your new customers will be eager to spread the word about you, leave testimonials, and buy your high-ticket products so they can get even better results.
  3. It lets you test and validate different offers. You can test what your market is looking for and see which topics interest your buyers the most, which is helpful for R&D when creating the marketing around your course
  4. The money you make from your tripwire can go towards your advertising costs as you build your audience.

In the lessons to come, you’ll cover

  • Creating a landing page for a lead magnet
  • Creating a sales page and checkout page for a low-ticket tripwire offer
  • Displaying post-purchase one-time offers for additional products
  • Configuring Studiocart and connecting all of our products and any necessary integrations
  • Testing everything out and preparing to go live

And as for tech, you’ll need

  • Studiocart
  • A page builder (in this tutorial we’ll be using Elementor)
  • A payment gateway (in this tutorial we’ll be using Stripe)
  • An email marketing service
  • A membership plugin or course platform to host and give access to your products

Your action steps:

  1. Watch the video for a breakdown of my tripwire funnel and how it evolved over time as I added more offers
  2. Determine your products and pricing for each offer in your funnel 
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