Square Payment Gateway

This add-on allows you to accept credit cards with the Square payment gateway.

Download “Square Add-on for Studiocart”Sign up free to receive an activation code


After installing and activating this add-on plugin, head over to your Studiocart settings to enable Square and add your Sandbox and Production details.

Note: Order bumps and coupons with subscription payment plans are not available at this time.

You can find your Sandbox and Production information from your Square Developer Dashboard under Credentials. At the top of the page toggle between Sandbox and Production to get the Application ID and Access Tokens for each.

Once you have saved your Application ID and Access Token in the Studiocart settings, select your Location ID from the dropdown and save the settings again.

Note: you will only be able to set the location for the selected Square Pay Mode.

Finally, you need to add your site’s webhook url to square so that order statuses can get updated to “paid” automatically. To do this, go to https://developer.squareup.com/apps/ and follow the steps below.

  1. Click on your application
  2. Go to webhook > subscriptions
  3. Click the “add subscription” button under “production”
  4. In the url field, add your site URL with ?sc-api=squarepay (example: https://www.myexamplesite.com/?sc-api=squarepay)

Then add the following events:

  • invoice.updated
  • payment.created
  • subscription.created
  • subscription.updated