How To Add User Registration Fields To The Checkout Page

This is a guide to show you how to add a section to your checkout page that creates login credentials upon purchase. It’s easy to set up using the default and custom fields found in the product settings.

To get started, go to the Form Fields tab in the Product Settings menu. Scroll to Default field visibility and choose the contact information you wish to capture from your customers. This example shows the First Name, Last Name, and Email selected as required information. Next, create the Username and Password fields.

Start by creating a Username field, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add New. Then, select Text in the Field Type dropdown and enter a name in the Field ID. Note, this will not show on the form. Then input the custom text you want to show that tells the customer what login credentials you need. Best to use something easy for your customer to remember like a Username or Email.

Next, make the field a requirement to complete checkout. Select the button next to Required Field. This is an important step, it will prevent blank registrations.

If you have set up an integration to create user accounts you can enable automatic login after your customer submits payment. To turn on this feature, select the button next to the Username field for new accounts.

Now create a password field. Add a new custom field and select Password from the Field Type dropdown. Enter a name in the Field ID and Label as Password. Then make the field a requirement by selecting the button next to Required Field. If needed, enable automatic login by selecting the button next to Auto login user after purchase.

After you have finished adding any other necessary features to the checkout form, save your settings by selecting Publish in the top right hand corner of the page.