How To Create A Customer Account Page

This guide will show you how to set up an account page for your customers. The account page allows customers to manage their orders and subscriptions.

How To Create A Customer Account Page

First, create a new page in your WordPress site. Then, add the shortcode [studiocart_account] to the page and select Publish.

Next, head over to the Studiocart General Settings. Select the page you previously created from the My Account Page dropdown. Then fill in your Company Name, Company Address and add a Logo Image. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Settings.

Note: Your company details and logo will display on your customers PDF invoices.

Now you can share the account page with your customers. They will be able to access the page with the username and password they created during checkout.

After they have logged in, your customers will be able to cancel or update subscriptions, view their order history and download PDF invoices.