How To Create A Global Checkout Page In Elementor Pro

This guide is for Elementor Pro users who want to use the same checkout page design for all of their products. If that’s you, follow this guide to learn how to disable the default product template and create your own checkout page design that applies to all of your products.

Note: you will need to have already set up at least 1 product in Studiocart.

How To Create A Global Checkout Page

First, you need to disable the default product template. Go to the Studiocart General Settings and turn on the button next to Disable Product Template. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save Settings.

Now you need to create a Single Page Template. Navigate to Templates in your WordPress menu and select Add New. Set the Template Type to Single Page and give it a name. You can design your own page or use a template that already exists in your library.

Next, drag the Studiocart Order Form widget into your page design and set the product to Dynamic.

To preview and make changes to the Studiocart Order Form, navigate to the page settings. Set the Preview Dynamic Content to Product. Type the name of your product into the field box below and select it when it appears. Then, select APPLY & PREVIEW.

Once you have finished designing your page, click the Save Options arrow next to Publish and choose Display Conditions from the menu. Select ADD CONDITION, set it to include Products – All, then Save and Close.

Lastly, click the Save Options arrow again and select, Save as Template. Now all of your product pages will have the same checkout page and form design.