How To Set Up Facebook Tracking

This guide will show you how to set up Facebook Tracking with the free plugin, Pixel Your Site.

You can download the Pixel Your Site plugin here.

How To Set Up Facebook Tracking With Pixel Your Site

First, make sure Facebook Ad Events is turned on in your Studiocart Integration Settings.

Install and Activate the Pixel Your Site plugin on your WordPress site. Then, in the Pixel Your Site Dashboard, add your Facebook Pixel ID (not the full code, ID only) to the fieldbox in the General settings. Then, select Save Settings at the bottom of the window and that’s it. Your Facebook Pixel is now ready to track events on your site.

Note: If you don’t already have your Facebook Pixel ID, visit this link to go to your Facebook Business Events Manager

To track specific events, use the Tracking tab in your Product Settings and add the Facebook event script to the matching field box. For example, to track a lead in Facebook add the script fbq(‘track’, ‘Lead’); to the Lead Captured box.

click here to see a full list of Facebook standard event scripts.