How To Translate Studiocart Into Another Language

This guide will show you how to translate Studiocart into another language using the free plugin Loco Translate.

Translating a plugin or theme can get tricky. That’s why the WordPress community created the Loco Translate plugin. Now it only takes a couple of clicks.

How to translate Studiocart into another language

To get started, go to the plugins section in your WordPress Dashboard. Select Add New and search for Loco Translate. Then, select Install Now and Activate the plugin.

Next, find Loco Translate in your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins.

In the Loco Translate plugin window, under Bundle Name select Studiocart.

In the Studiocart window, select New language.

If you see this message after you selected New Language, click Create Template. This will take you back to the Studiocart window. From there, select New Language again. This will direct you to a different window called Initializing new translations in “ncs-cart”.

Now that you are in the Initializing new translations in “ncs-cart” window, you can choose a language. Select a language from the dropdown menu and set the location to Custom. Then, select Start translating and you’re ready to go.

What To Do When A String Isn’t Available For Translation

Follow these steps if some of the strings are missing from the list to translate.

Go to the Advanced Tab in the Loco Translate settings for Studiocart. Then, make sure the Template File is set to “languages/studiocart.pot”.

Now, go back to the Overview tab, click on your language file and select Sync from the menu. Now all missing strings will be available for translation.