Stripe subscription renewal payment missing in Studiocart

Follow this guide if the Stripe subscription renewal payments are not showing in Studiocart.

Note: if the steps in this guide don’t resolve the issue please email the support team at

All subscription payments are handled via the payment gateway so if the payment is missing from Studiocart, it is possible that it was still processed in Stripe and that the Webhook event simply needs to be resent.

To see if the subscription payment processed in Stripe, you will need to check the subscription status is Active and when the last payment was made in your Stripe dashboard.

To do this, go to Developers > Webhooks in your Stripe Dashboard and check if there are any errors for a webhook with a URL ending with /?sc-api=stripe.

If there are no errors and the payment has processed, you will need to resend the Webhook event from your Stripe dashboard.

Follow the steps below to resend the event:
1. go to Developers > Webhooks (
2. click on the webhook url ending in “?sc-api=stripe”
3. Find the correct invoice.payment_succeeded event by date
4. Click on it to expand the details on the right and click the Resend button