White label lets you change the Studiocart branding to your own. This feature is particularly useful for Agencies or Freelancers serving clients under their brand name. Or simply for those who want to personalize the plug-in. You can change the name, shortcode slug, menu icon, and the author. Scroll down to find out how.

How to enable White-Labeling in Studiocart Settings

To get started, find Studiocart in your WordPress Dashboard and select Settings.

Then scroll down to the bottom of the settings page and next to White Label select Manage.

From here you can select to enable a White Label and customize each field to reflect your branding. Don’t forget to select Save Settings before clicking off the page.

How to enable White-Labeling in your Studiocart Account

You can hide the Pricing tab and information in the Account tab by turning on White Label in your Studiocart account.

Log into your account at studiocart.co/account. Go to Websites, select the site you want to White Label and select the checkbox “This license is activated on my client(s) site(s)”.