Available Shortcodes

[studiocart-form id="123" hide_labels="true" template="2-step" coupon="vip20"]

Displays an order form.

Available parameters

  • id – a product ID, leave blank if you’re using this in a custom global product template
  • hide_labels – (default: false) Set to “true” if you want to hide form field labels
  • template – Set to ‘2-step” to show the 2-step version of the order form
  • coupon – Apply a coupon code by default to this order form

Displays all products purchased and total amount spent on an order. Can only be used on thank you pages.

Note: If you need to display a receipt on a thank you page using Perform Redirect URL, add sc-order={order_id} to the URL. Can only be used if the page is located on the same site.

[sc_order_detail field="customer_name"]

Displays the chosen meta information from an order. Can be used on upsells and thank you pages.

Available fields:

  • order_id
  • customer_firstname
  • customer_lastname
  • customer_name
  • customer_email
  • customer_phone
  • order_list
  • order_inline_list
  • order_amount
  • product_amount
[sc_plan product_id=XX plan_id=XX field=price]

Displays either the price or name of a single product payment plan.


  • product_id – the product ID
  • plan_id – the ID of the plan you want to display information for
  • field – can be either “price” or “name”
[sc_product field=name]
[sc_product field=limit]

Displays the product name and the total amount of products available for sale on the checkout page.


Displays a product archive.


  • button_text – default “Purchased”
  • purchased_text – default “Already Purchased”
  • posts_per_page – default 12
  • cols – can be 3 or 4, default 3

Displays the file download link.


  • show-title=0 – removes the download file title

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