Configuring Studiocart Settings

This document will guide you through all the general settings in Studiocart.

General Settings

To get started head to the General tab in Studiocart>Settings from your WordPress Dashboard.

Currency – Choose the default currency to display prices
Default Country – Choose the default country your business operates in
Currency position – Choose the default position your currency symbol will display with the price
Thousand Separator – Choose the default separator to be shown in the price
Decimal Separator – Choose the default separator to be shown in the price
Number of Decimals – Choose the default number of decimal points to be shown in the price

My account page – (optional) Choose a pre-built page to set as your customer account page. For more information follow this guide How to Create a Customer Account Page

Company Name – Enter the name of your company to display on invoices
Company Name – Enter your company address to display on invoices
Logo Image – Upload your company logo to display on invoices

Terms and Conditions URL – Add a link to the terms and conditions page for your business
Privacy Policy URL – Add a link to the privacy policy page for your business

Email reports and confirmations to – (optional) Enter an email to send store reports to
Email report schedule – (optional) Set a schedule for sending store reports to the email entered above

Your API Key – Available to copy when your other platforms or apps require an API key for authentication

URL Coupon Parameter Name – (optional) Enter a custom parameter for creating Coupon URLs. For more information follow this guide Coupon Management

Disable product template – (optional) Turn on to disable the default Studiocart template for all of your products

White Label – (optional) Select manage to configure the White Label settings. For more information follow this guide White-Labelling

Logged in user downloads only – (optional) Turn on to only allow logged in users to download your product files
Download URL slug – (optional) Set a custom slug for the download links
Auto-expire download links – (optional) Set a number of hours a link will be available to download

For more information, follow this guide Secure Download Links

Enable debug logging – (optional) Turn on to track the checkout process and ensure it is running correctly. If you are experiencing issues like payments failing to process or emails not sending, turn on the debug log to gain insight as to why your system isn’t working.

After you’ve finished editing the general settings, click the Save Changes button.

Payment Methods

For information on configuring the payment methods, follow the guide for your chosen payment gateway.



For information on setting up integrations with your platforms and apps, check out this document Integrations Overview then select the guide for your platform from the list here.


For information on setting up the Studiocart default emails, follow this guide Studiocart Email Settings.


For information on setting up Taxes and VAT, follow these guides.

How to Add Tax Rates
How to Add VAT Rates


For information on setting up Invoices, follow this guide Studiocart Invoice Settings.