Managing Orders

Orders are created when a customer completes the checkout process, and they are visible to users with Admin roles only. Each order is given a unique Order ID.

Order Statuses

An order also has a Status. Order statuses let you know how far along the order is, starting with “Paid” and ending with “Unpaid.” The following order statuses are used:

  • Unpaid — Order received, no payment initiated. Awaiting payment (unpaid).
  • Past Due — Payment failed or was declined (unpaid) or requires authentication (SCA). Note that this status may not show immediately and instead show as Unpaid until verified
  • Paid — Payment received (paid) and stock has been reduced; order is awaiting fulfillment.
  • Canceled — Canceled by an admin or the customer – stock is increased, no further action required.
  • Refunded — Refunded by an admin – no further action required.

Manually Adding an Order

You can manually add an order for times where you want to give someone access to your program, add them to a mailing list, and perform any other new customer automations without requiring them to submit payment through a Studiocart order form first.

  1. Go to: Studiocart > Orders.
  2. Click Add New at the top of the page.
  3. Input customer details, select a product and a payment option
  4. Set a status for the new order, e.g., if you want product purchased integrations to be performed, select Paid
  5. Click the Publish button.


Refunds can be processed through the Orders section:

  1. Go to: Studiocart > Orders.
  2. Edit the order to refund.
  3. Go to the Item section, and click the Refund this payment button to start.

4. You’ll be asked to confirm the refund. Click the OK button:

5. You’ll receive a confirmation message for your refund. Click the OK button to exit the popup:

How Do I Know It Worked?

Besides the confirmation message that you receive when you refund an order, in the orders list, you’ll see that the Status value for that order will be Refunded: