Network Activate Studiocart on WordPress Multi-Site

Do you manage a multisite network? This document will show you how to activate the Studiocart license at the network level. This is so you don’t need to visit each site individually to activate the license.

How To Activate License At Network Level

When the plugin is activated on a multisite network you will see the opt-in window. From here you have the option to activate license on all sites in the network (including new sites that will be created). Or you can choose to activate only certain sites by deselecting the checkbox and selecting the ones you want to activate.

Alternatively, you can choose “Delegate to Site Admins” which allows the Admin of each site to manage their own license.

How To Manage Network Level License Activation

You can manage all of the sites activation from the Account tab in the Network Admin Studiocart plugin. From the Account details window, select Change License. From here you can activate and/or deactivate any of the sites license.

Note: If you didn’t choose to delegate to site admin, the Account tab is not available at site level. Meaning you have full control over each site.