Studiocart Zapier Integration (Pro Only)


Studiocart Zapier integrates your Studiocart store with 2000+ third-party web services via the Zapier web automation service. Send your Studiocart order data to 2000+ Zapier-enabled apps. The Studiocart integration is available to all Zapier users. Follow the guide below to get started.


  1. Make sure you are NOT using the default WordPress permalinks. If you’re not sure, go to the WordPress Settings → Permalinks page to check. You will get 404 errors in Zapier when you try to authorize your Zap if you use default permalinks.
  2. Go to Zapier and start creating new Zaps.

3. You will need your API key, which can be found on the Studiocart → Settings page and your site URL (including the https:// and the trailing /) to set up your first Zap.

Creating a Zap with Studiocart

Step 1. Create a trigger

  1. Choose an app:

2. In the Customise step, select a trigger event from the Choose Trigger Event dropdown:

3. Find data to test your zap with on the Customize Order section:

Step 2. Configure your Action step

  1. In the Choose App & Event step, choose a service to send your Studiocart data to.
  2. Finish configuring the Action step. Please see Zapier’s instructions on setting up your Zap action for more details.

Step 3. Finish Zap creation