Do you use Encharge? You can integrate your account with Studiocart by adding your Encharge Write Key in the Integrations settings tab. 

How To Integrate Encharge With Studiocart

Log in to your Encharge account. Click your profile icon in the top right hand corner and select Your Account. Then scroll down the page to the Write Key and select Copy.

Then head over to your website’s Studiocart Integrations tab and paste your Encharge Write Key into the matching field box. 

Enabling Store-wide Order Event Tracking

You also have the option to enable order events. This feature will automatically create or update contacts in Encharge and track events when they take certain actions such as purchasing a product or starting a subscription for any product in your store. If you want this feature turned on, select the button next to Enable Order Events above the Encharge Write Key.

Scroll to the bottom of the Integrations window and select Save Settings. Your Encharge account is now linked to Studiocart. 

Product Integration Settings

You can also set up Encharge integrations for an individual product. Head over to the Integrations tab in your product’s settings and select “Encharge” from the services menu. Select your order action by selecting a Trigger and the Payment Plan. You can also add tags or define your own custom event name and properties for triggering flows in Encharge

In the example above, the following will occur from the chosen trigger and payment settings:

  • When a product is purchased with any payment plan, a new contact will automatically be created in Encharge
  • A “Product Purchased” event containing several “properties” relating to the purchase will also be created for the contact.
    • The event properties will include different order details such as the name of the product, the order amount, etc
A sample Studiocart contact and “Product Purchased” event with properties created in Encharge

Requiring Consent

You have the option to require consent before running this integration. When this setting is turned on, only customers who have given consent by checking a checkbox on the order form will be added to the list. Note, you will also need to turn on the Opt-in Checkbox in the Form Fields tab for this feature to work.

Once you have finished filling out all the settings needed for your product, complete the order form by selecting Publish or Update.