Google ReCaptcha is available to add extra security to your checkout page. You can integrate Google ReCAPTCHA with Studiocart by adding your Google ReCAPTCHA Site and Secret Key in the Integrations settings tab. 

How To Integrate WP Courseware With Studiocart

Visit the Google ReCAPTCHA website to create a Site and Secret Key for your website. Select V3 Admin Console in the top right menu bar. Then select the + create button on the right.
From here you can register your website, choose which type of verification you want to use and generate your Site and Secret key.

In the window copy your Google Recaptcha Site Key. Then head over to your WordPress Dashboard, select Studiocart > Settings.
Select the Integrations tab and paste the Google ReCAPTCHA Site Key into the matching field box. Repeat this process to copy and paste the Google ReCAPTCHA Secret Key. 

Scroll to the bottom of the Integrations window and select Save Settings. Google ReCAPTCHA is now linked to Studiocart and will automatically appear on every checkout form.