Groups by Itthinx

Do you use Groups by Itthinx? The Groups integration allows you to automatically add or remove new users to your groups. You can integrate your account with Studiocart by installing the Groups plugin on your WordPress site.

How To Integrate Groups With Studiocart

Get started by Installing and Activating the Groups plugin on your WordPress site. Then configure the settings in the Groups plugin on your WordPress site.

Now you can set up a Groups integration by going to a Studiocart product and selecting “Groups” from the services menu in the Integrations tab. From here you’ll see a list of the groups you previously created in Groups by iithinx. Choose the group you would like to link to this product.

In the example below the following will occur from the settings chosen. When a product is purchased with any payment plan a new user is added to ‘Group 1’ in Groups by iithinx.

Once you have finished filling out all the settings needed for your product, complete the order form by selecting Publish or Update.