The Heartbeat integration allows you to add, invite or remove users from your community or group. You can integrate your account with Studiocart by adding your Heartbeat API key to the settings.

How To Integrate Heartbeat With Studiocart

Log in to your Heartbeat account and go to Admin Settings>API Keys. Create a new API for Studiocart and copy the key ready to paste into the Studiocart settings.

Then go to your WordPress Dashboard, select Studiocart>Settings>Integrations and paste the API key in the Heartbeat field box.

Scroll to the bottom of the Integrations window and select Save Settings. Your Heartbeat account is now linked to Studiocart. 

From here you can set up a Heartbeat integration by going to a Studiocart product and selecting “Heartbeat” from the services menu in the Integrations tab. Choose the action you would like to link to this product and select the group or invitation code that you have previously created in Heartbeat.

To add a user to a group, select “add a user to community”. Or to add a user to a community and have them follow the onboarding process, select “invite a user to community”.

In the example below the following will occur from the settings chosen. When a product is purchased with any payment plan the new member is invited to the community as a user in Heartbeat.

Once you have finished filling out all the settings needed for your product, complete the order form by selecting Publish or Update.