Use Studiocart with Pabbly Connect

Update: Studiocart has been added to Pabbly Connect as an integration, so you can now connect Studiocart to any app on Pabbly in just a few clicks.

View Pabbly’s video library to see how applications can be integrated on Pabbly, or keep reading to learn how to use Studiocart’s webhook integration with Pabbly Connect.

Setting up a Pabbly connect webhook will require a lot of going back and forth between your website and the Pabbly connect website, so it would be a good idea to keep both sites open on separate tabs.

Login to your Pabbly Connect Dashboard and click the Create Workflow button.

In the Create Workflow modal that appears, enter a name for your new workflow and click the Create button

Under Choose a trigger: select Webhook

Check the Basic Authentication checkbox and enter in the API Key field “studiocart_secret”. In the Secret Key field, enter your API Key found in Studiocart > Settings.

When you’re done, click the Copy button next to the Webhook URL and head back to your website to set up a webhook integration for your product.

Go to Product Settings > Integrations for your product and add a new integration. Select webhook as the Service and POST as the method. In the Webhook URL field, paste in the URL you copied from Pabbly Connect.

Save your product, then go back to your workflow in Pabbly Connect and click Capture Webhook Response. When it’s ready, a spinner will appear inside the button.

Go back to your website and trigger your product integration (e.g. place an order) then go back to Pabbly Connect. After a short moment, data about that order should appear. If everything looks ok, click the “+” sign underneath your order data to send the order data to another application using Pabbly.