Custom Fields

The Custom Fields feature allows you to modify the checkout form with Custom Text Fields, Hidden Fields, Login Fields, and a Drop Down menu. This guide will show you how to add the different custom fields to your checkout form.

To get started, go to the Form Fields tab in the Product Settings menu. Scroll to the bottom and select Add New.

Then choose the custom field type you would like to add to your form. Each type has the option to make any of the fields a requirement to complete checkout. To enable this, select the button next to Required Field. You can add multiple custom field types to the one checkout form. To do this, select Add New for each custom field.
Don’t forget to select Publish to save your settings before navigating away from the page.

Scroll down to see an example of each custom field.

  • Text – custom text with custom field box
  • Dropdown – a dropdown for selecting product variants
  • Password – a field to create login credentials upon checkout
  • Quantity – the option to purchase more than 1 of the same product
  • Hidden – custom text without a field box

Text Field
Start by entering a name in the Field ID. Note, this will not show on the form. Then input the custom text you want to show that explains the purpose of this field box.

Dropdown Field
Start by entering a name in the Field ID and a Label for the dropdown menu. Then input the titles of each product variant for your customer to select in the dropdown.

Quantity Field
Start by entering a Field ID and a Label to show on the checkout form. Then input the total price per item in the Price Per Item Field.

Username and Password Field
Start by selecting Text in the Field Type dropdown. Create a Username custom field. Then add a new custom field and select Password from the Field Type dropdown. Create a Password custom field.

You have the option to automatically sign customers into your website immediately after they submit payment. To enable this feature, select the button next to Username field for new accounts and the button next to Auto login user after purchase.

Hidden Field
Start by entering a Field ID. Then input a label to show custom text on the checkout form. Note, this field does not have a field box. It only shows the Label custom text. The other settings are invalid on this field type.