Form Skin Types

This document will guide you through the different types of forms and how to set them up. There are 3 types of forms available a standard checkout form, a 2-Step form and an opt-in form for selling free products. The Form Skin setting is located in the Form Fields & Settings tab under the Product Settings.

Default Form

This is a standard checkout form for selling products and services. There are a number of customization options available in the Product Settings to help you create a unique form. Among other options you can show or hide payment plans, form fields and customize section headings. For more information on the different settings for each section, see this document Adding and Managing Products

2-Step Form

A 2-Step form divides the Default form into 2 steps. Step 1 captures the customers contact information. It displays all of the Default Form Fields, Address Fields and Custom Fields selected in the Product Settings. Step 2 takes the payment details and finalises the order. It displays the Payment Plan, Payment Method, Order Bumps and Order Summary.

The 2-Step form has all the same customization options as the Default form. In addition, you can change the step Headings, Subheadings and Button Labels from the Form Fields tab in the Product Settings.

Opt-in Form

The Opt-in form is for selling free products only. To make the form appear like the example below, turn on the Hide Plans button in Payment Plans. Go to Form Fields & Settings, turn on the Hide Field Labels and Opt-in Checkbox. Then, enter a custom Opt-in Checkbox Label, Submit Button Text and Form Fields Heading. (optional) Enter a custom Terms&Conditions and Privacy Policy URL.

Note: If you are using shortcodes to embed this type of form on your pages, you will need to add template=opt-in to the Product Shortcode.