Secure Download Links

This document will guide you through the steps to create a secure download link for your product digital files.

General Settings

Logged in user downloads only – (optional) Turn on to only allow logged in users to download your product files
Download URL slug – (optional) Set a custom slug for the download links
Auto-expire download links – (optional) Set the number of hours a download link will work before it expires. A new link can be copied from the order details if the previous download link expires.

Product Settings

File URL – Upload your product file via a secure Studiocart downloads folder [Upload File] or the WordPress Media Library [Media Library]
File Name – Set a custom name for the file
Restrict by payment plan / purchase type – Choose if this file is only available when purchased with a specific payment plan or purchase type
Download limit – (optional) Set a limited number of time this file can be downloaded
Expire download after – (optional) Set a length of time (Can be any unit of time, e.g. “24 hours”, “3 weeks”, “1 month”, etc) a customer will be able to download a file after purchase
Redirect to file – Turn on to have the link open the file instead of an automatic download
Hidden – Turn on to hide the link from order emails and customer accounts

You can also choose to display the file download link on a custom page using the shortcode below.

The download title can be turned off by adding show-title=0