Upsell Paths

This document will guide you through the steps to create an upsell/downsell path to add to your main product.

Before you create an Upsell Path make sure you have prepared the following:

1. Upsell/Downsell product(s) in Studiocart. For information on creating products see this document Adding and Managing Products
2. Upsell/Downsell page(s)

After you have prepared your upsell/downsell product(s), go to Upsell Paths in the Studiocart menu and select Add New Upsell Path.

Upsell Path Rule

You can have multiple upsells/downsells in one path. It’s important to note, an upsell will only be offered if the product on the previous page is purchased.

For example if:
Upsell 1 is accepted > the customer will be directed to Upsell 2 or if Upsell 2 is disabled a thank you page.
Upsell 1 is declined > the customer will be directed to Downsell 1 or if Downsell 1 is disabled a thank you page.

Upsell/Downsell Fields

Enable – Turn off/on this upsell/downsell
Select Product – Determines the upsell/downsell product
Use Existing Payment Plan – Turn on to use the payment plan set up in the upsell/downsell product
Page – Select the upsell/downsell page
Accept Link – Add this link to the Yes button on the upsell/downsell page
Decline Link – Add this link to No button on the upsell/downsell page

Adding an Upsell Path to a Product

Go to the Upsell Path tab in your main product settings and select the Path you previously created from the dropdown.

From here you can add conditional thank you pages for customers who purchased your upsells/downsells. For information on conditional thank you pages see this document Confirmations Settings

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