Creating Recurring Payment Plans in Stripe

Charging recurring payments with Stripe requires adding a plan with all of the subscription details to your Stripe account. Studiocart adds this plan information to Stripe for you anytime you create a product with recurring payment plans, but only on the environment currently selected in your Stripe settings (under Studiocart > Settings > Payment Methods > Stripe > API).

Going from Test to Live

If you create or change any of a product’s recurring payment plans while using Stripe’s Test API, you’ll need to re-create those plans on Stripe’s Live environment before you can start charging real subscriptions. Not doing this will cause errors at checkout that will prevent customers from being able to complete their purchase.

How to move a product’s recurring payment plan information from Test to Stripe’s Live environment

  1. Head over to your Studiocart settings and change the Stripe API dropdown from “Test” to “Live”
  2. Click the “Update” button on any Studiocart product with a recurring payment plan created while Stripe’s API was on “Test”