How To Add Tax Rates

This document will help you navigate and set up the Tax rate features available with Studiocart. It will guide you through the Tax settings and demonstrate how to add Tax rates conditional to your customer’s address.

How To Enable Taxes In The Studiocart Settings

To get started, go to Studiocart settings in your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Taxes tab. Turn on the button next to Enable Tax and choose how you would like the Tax prices to display.

How To Add Country Specific Tax Rates

Follow this guide to allow your customers to apply the Tax Rate specific to their Country or City.

Go to the Taxes tab in the Studiocart Settings. Scroll down to the Custom Tax Rates table and select Insert Row. Fill in the details and Tax Rate for that location. Then, use the priority setting to order different Tax Rates within the same Country. If you don’t need to add multiple tax rates to a single Country, set the priority to 1.

Note: If you would like to add the Tax Rate without using address fields, simply fill out the Rate % and leave the other fields blank.