How To Add VAT Rates

Note: This feature is only available with Studiocart 2.3, which is currently in Beta. To become a Beta tester, go to Studiocart>Account and check the box to join the Beta program. If you have any issues, please email the support team at

This document will help you navigate and set up the VAT Tax features available with Studiocart. It will guide you through the Tax settings and demonstrate how to add VAT Tax at checkout.

Note: The VAT rate is calculated with an API. If the settings below are enabled, the API will automatically apply the current standard VAT rate for your country.

How To Enable VAT Rates In The Studiocart Settings

To get started, go to the Studiocart settings in your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to the Taxes tab. Turn on the button next to Enable VAT and select the Country you reside in. This is the VAT MOSS that you report to.

(Optional) Select the checkbox next to Tax all EU Businesses. This will tax all EU businesses, including those with a valid VAT number.

Note: The Disable VAT VIES database lookup option is not available at this time. You will need to keep this deactivated in order to verify VAT numbers.

Once you have finished configuring the settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and select, Save Settings.

Now, EU customers who reside in the same country will automatically be charged VAT when they fill out their address on the checkout form.

Note: VAT will not be charged if an EU business from a different country enters a valid VAT number, and the “Tax All EU Businesses” option is disabled.