How To Import A Template With Divi

This guide will show you how to import the Divi Templates into your WordPress site. Access the Template Library from the Resources window under the Studiocart menu in your WordPress Dashboard. All of the templates can easily be customized and made unique to your business. Scroll down to find out how to get started.

How To Import A Divi Template

Choose a Template and select the ⬇️ download button. After you have downloaded the JSON file to your computer, navigate to the Divi Library on your WordPress site.

In the top left corner select the Import & Export button. In the Portability window navigate to Import and upload the JSON file from your computer.

Start a new page in the Divi Builder and select Choose A Premade Layout. Navigate to the Your Saved Layouts tab and select the template.

To add the checkout form, select the element settings and in the Studiocart module select your product from the dropdown.

The Studiocart Divi module allows you to make changes to some of the checkout form settings. You can show or hide labels, enable or disable a 2 step form, add a coupon code and format the design.

From here you can use the Divi Builder as usual to make changes and add your copy. Don’t forget to select Save Draft or Publish before navigating away from the page.