Kathleen Celmins

Kathleen Celmins



Masterminds for time-capped entrepreneurs to help them make more money.

You know how lots of people start their own businesses to become their own boss and create their own destiny? Only to find themselves:

  • Scrambling for clients
  • Saying yes to every client who comes their way, regardless of whether they’re a good fit
  • Going through the feast and famine cycle
  • Getting time capped
  • Spreading themselves really thin on social media
  • And absolutely getting stuck trading time for money

My mission is to solve that. I have two masterminds: The Well-Paid Expert and Level Up Your Lead Gen. They’re both for entrepreneurs who want to make more money. One helps you find a $100,000 revenue stream in your existing digital files, and the other helps you fill your calendar with well-qualified leads for any high-ticket program.