Renee Shupe



Are you ready to get the tech off your plate?  Don’t want to have to think about the next update or change that needs to happen.  Tired of kind of troubleshooting issues on your website when something goes wrong?

Geek in Your Pocket helps tech-hesitant coaches, solopreneurs, and other service-based business owners let go of the ongoing maintenance of their website, so they can focus on helping their clients, spending time away from their business, and enjoying life.

Geek in Your Pocket manages all aspects of maintenance and security on your website, making it easier for you to actually use your website to make sales and increase your revenue, all without working harder.

My name is Renee and I’ve been helping non-techie business owners for over 13 years managing and creating websites that let them have their time back so they can do the things they love.