Introducing Studiocart 2.4

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In our latest version of Studiocart 2.4, we’ve added some major new features and made improvements to existing ones. 

A quick look at the new additions:

  • Multiple upsells and downsells 
  • Conditional thank you pages
  • Order email previews and testing 
  • Customer area additions and enhancements
  • Limiting sales per customer 
  • Customizing the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies at product level 
  • Turning off Studiocart emails at product level

Multiple Upsells and Downsells

Version 2.4 brings a whole new upsell/downsell system. Once you update to the latest version, you will see a new item in the Studiocart menu, Upsell Paths. From now on to add an upsell or downsell to a product you will first need to create an Upsell Path. This allows you to offer up to 5 upsells and 5 downsells after checkout to help increase your average sale.

Note: Updating to 2.4 will override your current upsell settings. You will need to recreate your upsells using the new system for all existing products.

Check out this document to learn about the new upsell system: Upsell Paths

Conditional Thank You Pages 

Upsells/Downsells isn’t the only feature to get a makeover. The Confirmation settings has a new addition, Conditional Confirmations. You can now choose to display various thank you pages based on the product and payment plan purchased. Or based on the value the customer enters in the checkout form fields. There are a number of condition variables to choose from to help customize your after purchase flow to suit every purchase type.

Check out this document for a guide on how to use this feature: Confirmation Settings

Order Email Previews and Testing

We’ve also added new settings to the Studiocart emails. You can now preview each type of email or send a test to admin. There’s also a new HTML text editor and personalization fields dropdown for customizing the body of your emails.

Check out the updated Email Settings doc for more information: Studiocart Email Settings

Customer Area Additions and Enhancements

The customer account page in version 2.4 has a couple new additions and a new look. Your customer’s can now reset their passwords and update their credit card information (Stripe only) within their account.

Check out the updated Customer Account doc for more information: How To Create A Customer Account Page

Limiting Sales Per Customer

For those of you who sell a product that only needs to be purchased once, we’ve added a setting to help prevent accidental duplicate orders. In the Purchase Restrictions settings (formally known as Page Access) you can set a limit on the number of times a customer can purchase a product using the same email address or user account. 

Customizing the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies at product level

We’ve also added the option to set different T&C’s and Privacy Policies for each of your products. You’ll find a new show terms and privacy checkbox dropdown that allows you to enable a custom T&C or Privacy Policy.

Turning off Studiocart emails at product level

In addition to email previews and testing you can now choose which products will send out the new user welcome email and/or the purchase confirmation email.  From the Notifications tab in your Product settings you will see 2 new buttons to disable the user welcome and purchase confirmation email.

Check out the updated Adding and Managing Products doc for more information on these new features: Adding and Managing Products

Are you using the free version? 

These new features are only available with the premium version. You can upgrade your account and get access to them and many other game-changing features that will help you take your funnel to the next level. Head on over to the Studiocart pricing page to see which premium plan is best for you.  

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