4 Strategies for Getting More Sales out of Existing Traffic

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Are you experiencing a high rate of drop offs after your sales page? Or a low amount of revenue per customer? 

Before you question the quality of your offer, take a look at your sales flow.  

If it isn’t set up to provide your customer with a simple, linear checkout experience and you’re not leveraging your offers to boost sales, then it’s likely you’re sales system is the problem. 

The good news is there are ways to improve this!   

Let’s talk about the different ways you can optimize your sales systems to increase conversions and get more sales out of existing traffic. 

1. Streamline your checkout process

It doesn’t matter how good your offer is, a percentage of potential customers will drop off at each step of your funnel. So it’s important to streamline your checkout process and eliminate any unnecessary steps to get to the checkout page.  

A streamlined checkout process looks like this.

Ads/Emails > Sales Page > Checkout 

In a matter of 3 clicks your customer is at the checkout page, card in hand, ready to buy.  


Your sales page has done all the talking. All the information your customer needs to make a decision is right there on one page. Reducing the chance of drop-offs and increasing your conversions.   

2. Use your lead magnet’s thank you page to make sales

When you’re building your list with a free lead magnet, you don’t have to end the experience with a simple thank you message. There’s no better time to present an offer to your customer than when they have already said yes to you as you know you have their attention and their trust. 

Take the opportunity to continue the relationship on the thank you page. Invite your customer to check out a paid product and turn a freebie sign-up into a sale.  

3. Don’t stop after the first sale! Offer bumps + upsells

Another overlooked opportunity to get more sales out of existing traffic is with order bumps and upsells.  

If you’re not familiar with how they work, order bumps are a way to offer a small add-on to your customer’s main purchase during checkout. 

The checkout form is a great place to offer additional products because your customer has already made the decision to buy and are primed to consider other products. Especially if they pair well with the main product and can be added in one-click.      

Upsells are a way to offer a higher valued product to your customer’s main purchase after checkout. 

In the case of an upsell, the original order has already been confirmed so there’s no harm in taking the opportunity to increase the sale value before sending them to the thank you page.

4. Use scarcity (one-time offers, evergreen countdown)

FOMO (the fear of missing out) is no joke. It is exactly why scarcity marketing is so effective. When we see a quantity or time limit on an item, we can’t help it, our FOMO kicks in and instantly increases our reasons to buy. 

So a great way to boost your conversions with existing traffic is with an offer that includes some form of scarcity.      

Some ideas for including scarcity in your offer:

  • A one-time offer, like a bonus product or a single use coupon. 
  • A limit on available spots, like a monthly or yearly cap on new students. 
  • Or a time limit, like an early bird special or a sale with an evergreen countdown.

So there you have it, 4 ways to optimize your sales system to boost your conversion rate and provide a sales experience that turns leads into sales. 

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