Introducing Studiocart 2.5

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In our latest version of Studiocart 2.5, we’ve added bug fixes, updates and new features.

A quick look at the new additions:

  • Import custom tax rates via CSV
  • Google Analytics purchase tracking
  • Order refund email notification
  • Thrive automator integration
  • Custom Invoice numbers

Import Custom Tax Rates via CSV

In the Studiocart Tax settings we’ve added the option to import and export a CSV file containing custom tax rates. If you need to upload a tax rate table from your computer, simply select import on the custom tax rate table and follow the instructions. If you need to create a CSV file containing the custom tax rates created in Studiocart, simply select export and the file will automatically download to your computer.

Google Anayltics Purchase Tracking

For those of you who use Google Analytics you can now automatically send a purchase event with the order details to your GA account. The setting to enable purchase tracking is located in the Studiocart Integration settings. Note, you must also have the Google Analytics tracking script installed on your site for this feature to work.

Order Refund Email Notification

There’s a new type of email available in the Studiocart Email settings. The Order Refunded email allows you to automatically notify your customers you have initiated a refund for their order.  

For more information check out the updated email settings doc: Studiocart Email Settings

Thrive Automator Integration

We have built an integration with Thrive Automator. Once you update to 2.5 you can install an add-on that will allow you to choose Studiocart from the trigger list in Thrive Automator. You can then create automations like, adding new customers to courses in Thrive Apprentice or starting a countdown in Thrive Ultimatum when a lead is captured in Studiocart.  

For more information and access to the add-on check out this doc: Thrive Automator

Custom Invoice Numbers

We’ve added a new Invoices tab to the Studiocart settings. If you need to match the invoice number with the order number or you want to add a custom prefix/suffix. You can now enable a custom invoice number that mirrors the order number with a custom prefix/suffix. 

For more information check out this doc: Studiocart Invoice Settings

Are you using the free version? 

These new features are only available with the premium version. You can upgrade your account and get access to them and many other game-changing features that will help you take your funnel to the next level. 

Head on over to the Studiocart pricing page to see which premium plan is best for you.

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