How This Brand Expert Used Studiocart to Streamline Her Marketing and 9X Her Ad Spend ROI

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As a "brand therapist", Naya leverages her skills in branding, marketing, and tech to help her clients successfully change careers and rebrand their businesses. She also educates her clients through her website, House of Brand Therapy, which hosts a collection of courses and resources.

A frequent traveler, and the owner of a #workfromanywhere business, Naya can (and does) serve her mostly US-based clients from different locations around the world. But as her business continued to grow, finding convenient times to host a webinar or jump on a sales call to sell her course, Consultant in 60 Days™, was becoming more difficult. 

I was hosting webinars at 11pm, or later, on Sunday nights (Thailand time), and it was getting out of hand. Sunday nights were fun in Thailand, but I was really burning the candle at both ends trying to enjoy life abroad, but still trying to offer webinars at a time convenient to my audience.

So Naya decided to look into ways to automate her sales processes so that she could generate sales whenever she wanted, no matter what timezone she was in.

Finding the right tool

Her first step was choosing the right checkout system to help her achieve her goals. Naya’s business was already WordPress centric, so staying on the WordPress platform was a definite plus. She also wanted something that was easy to use with a clean, engaging UI to showcase her unique brand, build trust, and quickly convert clicks and views into leads and sales. So when she came across Studiocart, it seemed like the perfect fit.

Studiocart gave me a lot of control and flexibility without needing technical knowledge or having to deal with an extensive testing process. Things just worked. And, if I messed something up (or didn’t understand something I was doing) the support was fantastic and fast!

An on-brand, fully automated tripwire funnel in a matter of days

Naya started building her sales funnel by adding a Studiocart checkout form to the Thank You page of her lead magnet, a free personality quiz that tells respondents what business model is right for their personality and work style. Quiz takers could then use the checkout form to purchase Naya’s tripwire product, a downloadable PDF with actionable information based on their personality type.

But she didn’t stop there. Naya had another offer: a masterclass called How to Become a Profitable Consultant in Under Six Months that provides the steps to quickly becoming a highly profitable consultant. Rather than waiting days or even weeks to send customers an email about about the masterclass, she decided to immediately present this offer to them as a 1-click upsell. This way, new customers could immediately add on the masterclass (and a free bonus!) to their purchase of the downloadable PDF.

It was actually the support team that introduced me to one-click-upsells. One-click upsells showed me how much money I was leaving on the table and helped me scoop it up — quickly!

The Results

Thanks to her tripwire funnel, Naya has been able to generate revenue while simultaneously building her audience. And adding an upsell has more than tripled the original order amount (from $9 to $28) on 31% of her PDF sales.

And as for her course Consultant in 60 Days™? Her tripwire funnel helped drive sales for that too – which means she no longer has to rely on live webinars and phone calls to make sales. 

Studiocart made it so easy to sell low-ticket, intro products that help my audience get to know, like, and trust me. So, now my follow up emails (selling my higher-ticket course) do the heavy lifting when it comes to sales. I can’t remember the last time I’ve done a webinar.

To maximize her results, Naya now uses Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to her funnel. And thanks to her fully automated sales process, Naya’s ROI on Facebook ad spend in front of a cold audience who has never heard of her has increased by 900%, or nine times over!


Increase in Sales


Increase in ROI

Unlock the full potential of your business like Naya

Naya is well on her way to scaling her business to the next level and she credits Studiocart for this, thanks to the flexibility and control it gives with accepting payments and for how easy it is to use and connect to other tools and software platforms she uses in her business. Next up for Naya is to create a membership that bills quarterly. 

 Studiocart has made the warming up process so easy and smooth that people get on calls with me to say thank you for all the great information they purchased from me while asking to buy more from me. It’s a great place to be in.

Ready to build your own automated, sales-making, growth machine?

Try Studiocart to increase conversions and boost your sales more easily on your own WordPress site. Like Naya, you can build an automated sales funnel to help streamline your marketing, grow your audience, and gain new customers for your course and other digital products. 

With Studiocart, you’ll be able to accept payments on your own site, customize every aspect of your sales flow, maximize sales with order bumps and upsells, and integrate with your favorite platforms to automate your onboarding process. No complicated code, numerous plugins, or expensive add-ons required.

Want to see it in action? Watch this 2 minute introduction to Studiocart and discover how you can put it to work for your business.

Then head over to the pricing page to choose a plan that best suits your business. 

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